Bespoke Tailoring

Are you struggling to find your perfect dress in the shops or online? Have you thought of having one made unique to you? Look no further than Kalpana Singh Design Studio, where bespoke tailoring is one of our specialties.

bespoke tailoring

We begin with inspiration. That might be a photo you bring us; a dress you saw in a magazine or a gown from your favourite movie. You may also use words to describe your dream dress, romantic, elegant, modern, sophisticated and smart. Or perhaps you might ask us what we think would flatter you most. 

We will ensure your bespoke dress is fitted to perfection by taking many individual body measurements. This will help us in creating a calico/toile (mock-up of the garment in the appropriate weight cotton or crepe) and preparing your own personal couture pattern. It will then be cut precisely to make sure that all proportions are correct and the garment is cut to flatter your body perfectly. 

Some garments require two calico/toile fittings depending on the complexity. Whether it’s a simple casual dress or an extravagant evening gown, it will be made to an haute couture standard using a mixture of couture hand sewing and machine stitching. It will be fitted to you precisely, and we won’t be completely happy with the results until you are.

Please be aware that there may be a waiting list, so we encourage you to make an appointment.

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