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How to Start Sewing Your Own Clothes !

If you were like me, born and brought up in a very humble middle class Indian household, then probably you have seen your mums or grand mums mending old clothes or even sewing a brand new out fits every now and then. Going to a tailor was a luxury that we could afford once or twice a year owing to Deepawali or birthdays. Those were the simple days when Indian market hadn’t know any cheap, stylish branded clothes. Tailors never had to listen to this argument – Bhaiya itne Mai to pura dress mil jaega! ( I can buy an entire dress in this amount ).

True, you can buy a dress from Zara or HnM in half the price you would spend on a meter of good quality fabric.  But those who sew know what a hand made garment means… 

If you are one of those who wish to sew your own clothes but you have never stitched anything till date, you are apprehensive, afraid and even skeptical then read on if you wish to change your mind.

I’m here to convince you sewing is easy and just anybody can sew with a little practice.

Lets try to find out how hard Is It To Make Your Own Clothes Well it’s not, Because –

  • As I mentioned earlier, Clothing industry is a labor intensive industry. Almost all the clothes are handmade by a person. Most of them do not hold any degrees. Hustle beats talent every time, so if you are willing to put in hours to practice then this skill isn’t that difficult to master.
  • You don’t need technical and academic excellence to make a clothes. Before we saw the influx of low priced fashion brands, our mums and grand mums did most of the sewing around the house.
  • Sewing is a common hobby worldwide. It is easy to find high-quality materials, patterns, and equipment at low prices.
  • You get good sewing courses every where, with formal degrees or hobby classes. And owing to pandemic many experienced dress makers and professionals have made their online courses for any one to enroll.
  • Simple Google what clothe you want to make and you will get hundreds of free DIY tutorials.. here is a list of videos that will help you get started !



Free Sewing Patterns and Resources 

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