“Closet full of fabulous Sarees and not an occasion to wear!” … wondered every Indian women at least once in these last 2 years.

But I’m on a mission to give purpose to your beautiful Sarees, one Saree at a time. And you can be a hero just by doing that too, I’ll tell you how 😊

Not all hero wear capes, some wear Sarees…

Illustration by @artby_gt

I recently had a beautiful Cutomer wanting to reinvent her Saree that she wore many times and created fond memories through it. A piece of clothing such as this is too precious to part with, you would agree.

She had a design in mind, she needed a dress that maintained the flow of this beautiful emerald green chiffon drape.

The result was pleasing not just for her but for me as I knew a gorgeous Saree has been rescued and given a new meaning and purpose.

Lets see how it was done ✅

Tools required –

  • Measuring tape 📏
  • Pair of scissors ✂️
  • Chalk
  • Pins 📍
  • Lining fabric ( you could use the remain Saree material)
  • Sewing machine ( if you don’t have one, you could use back stitch


  1. Fold your Saree pallu half way as shown in the figure below 👇🏽

2. A to B – mark diagonally

Shoulder length plus 1 inch.

B to C – go in by 1/2 inch

C to D – mark armhole divide by 2, and give a little curve.

D to E – March off shoulder circle divide by 2 ( refer to the pic below)

Sew from E to the hem and D to the hem

If you wish to add lining, you could use the remaining Saree fabric, cut exactly the same way as pallu and attach from the neck line and the armhole.

Your cocktail dress in just 3 stitches is ready !!

Watch this video, where I explain the drafting. 

To watch the full making video