Fashion Sustainability

We need to stop having one-night stands with our clothes and start cultivating long-term, meaningful relationships that last instead.


Fast fashion has changed our relationship with clothes

We don’t invest ourselves and our time into things anymore. Everything needs to be fast and easy these days. But this mindset and lifestyle shift happened only a decade or two ago. It’s not always been like this.

We need to go back to a culture of nurturing what we own and move away from our current throw-away culture.

If fast fashion is like fast food, slow fashion is a home-cooked meal. Nothing beats something you pour your time, energy and love into.

Can Anyone Sew

With the right tools, theory and of course, practice.

Tips for beginners:

• Pattern-making can be intimidating at first but do not be discouraged. Learn the fundamental skills and theory, and once you have mastered them, the possibilities for what you can create are endless!

• Alternatively, you can purchase readymade patterns. There is an abundance of them available online.

• A good teacher is important, whether you are signing up for a class or learning on YouTube. Find someone experienced and with a teaching style that fits you.

• Like every other machine, e.g., a phone, you must commit to learning how to operate it. It’s no different with a sewing machine.

• It’s not about the destination but the journey. Try to enjoy the process!

Clothes that fit you perfectly

Many of us don’t fit into conventional proportions that fast fashion brands carry. A well-fitted outfit can do wonders to one’s mood and confidence.

A form of therapy

Sewing involves your whole being. It is like active meditation – keeping you engaged and yet so detached from your stress or worries.

Sense of satisfaction and fulfilment

Like painting and drawing, sewing can be a deeply gratifying experience when you are able to transform your vision into wearable art.

Develop a professional career

Sewing can be an empowering skill to have that enables you to be self-employed.

Benefits of sewing

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