Sleeves Making Course

This sleeve making course will help you learn how to create different stylish patterns for sleeves from scratch.

Learn to create patterns like a pro with this course, even if you have never made patterns before.


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A Complete Sleeve making course

Pattern Drafting is a very important aspect of the Design Process, it takes years of practice to perfect the craft. This sleeve making course will build on top of your existing pattern-making skills, and will definitely elevate them to perfect the art of pattern-making, as well as stimulate your creativity!

You will learn how to draft a Basic Sleeve using standard industry measurements. The terminology necessary to work with sleeves will be introduced here to help you when working with other industry professionals, you must know the “language” in order to communicate what you want or what somebody else wants from you. 

You will then learn how to take the basic sleeve pattern and turn it into a short sleeve, or a puff sleeve, and how to draft and add scuff to the sleeve.

D Sew Club Sleeve Making Course is not only about learning how to be a great fashion designer; whether you are a beginner student or a professional fashion designer, learning skills and techniques in designing is an ongoing process. This course is for anyone who wishes to sew their own clothes even if you do know basic fashion design techniques and principles, building on top of your existing skills is essential to expand your knowledge of the industry at large.

Learning Path

  • Measurements and Drafting – Simple method
  • Measurements and Drafting – Advance method
  • Gathered and Puff sleeves
  • Flair sleeves
  • Crescent-Shaped, Extended Cap Sleeves
  • Balloon Sleeves

What People Are Saying

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Vicky KunasegaranVicky Kunasegaran
01:46 13 Sep 22
Ms. Kalpana is a great teacher. Very conducive learning environment. Highly recomended!
Shasini RavinthranShasini Ravinthran
12:31 07 Sep 22
I’m so happy I found D Sew Club! The course I took is amazing I’ve learnt so much about making clothes I couldn’t find online! The instructor is really good and I’ve gotten a lot of insight on sewing and advice whilst learning to make outfits under her guidance! I highly recommend D Sew Club!
Jamilah FaroukJamilah Farouk
23:54 05 Sep 22
Miss Kalpana had teach me a lot of techniques and ways to sew dresses and to do the pattern.She is very sweet and kind hearted person.
Gaya GuruGaya Guru
01:27 22 Jul 22
I am so glad I found Dsewclub. It’s a really great place to pick up a new skills, If you are a beginner like me. Kalpana is very encouraging and teach well of the concepts and techniques of dressmaking. I really Learn a lot. All age group can learn from dsewclub. Now I became addicted to sewing.
Uma NadarajahUma Nadarajah
09:35 28 Apr 22
I came into this course 4 months ago with almost zero knowledge of clothes making and with the help of Kalpana I can proudly say that I've nearly mastered this art. She was very inclusive and patient while teaching, never letting anyone in the class feel left behind no matter their pace. The one thing I really enjoyed about this class was the approach she took in teaching us. Although everything was new and seemed complicated, she had this way of teaching and guiding us on how to navigate our way in the world of sewing without feeling too overwhelmed. I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it really proved that with the right teacher, age is never the barrier to learning a new set of skills. Kalpana is a very supportive, and patient teacher in this industry. and I am really lucky to have started my journey in sewing with her. With this, I wish her all the best with her next batch of students, I will definitely miss these classes and I am forever thankful for the knowledge and techniques I have learnt throughout this course.

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